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E-commerce can illuminate the future of the furniture industry to be the test of the market
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"This is the best of times, it was the worst of times." The phrase famously wrote in "A Tale of Two Cities" begins to describe the current situation of China's furniture industry very appropriate. In recent years, affected by the real estate control policies, across the country, furniture stores excess, constantly shut down, the collapse of the phenomenon, dealers are also being demolished shop after an unprecedented peak, the entire furniture market is growing in the doldrums. The furniture industry is facing the most severe test in several years.

However, in the face of a survival test asked, the furniture industry is not standing still, but are actively looking for a new breakthrough. The emergence of numerous large-scale e-commerce website, to the furniture market has brought a variety of sales channels. Reporter learned that, since last year, furniture e-commerce in the creation of a new online sales, offline experience "marketing model.

The furniture industry e-commerce era

According to statistics, in 2011, can be described as the rise of China's e-commerce market blowout. Domestic e-commerce website has over 20,000 online shopping market transaction amount (hereinafter referred to as online shopping) increased from 498 billion yuan in 2010 to 770 billion yuan in 2011, accounting for 4.3% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods. The number of online shopping in China from 130 million in 2009 to 187 million in 2011.

China's furniture industry, despite a late start, but also are entering the era of e-commerce. It is understood that, since the early 2008 hi dream treasure pioneered online store, a good hundred years at the end of 2008, the creation of a E (the network interconnection E network) share shop. Since then, Hu Yaobang, Red Star, Orient Home renowned furniture manufacturers have created their own online store. Followed by large-scale e-commerce platform Taobao also launched in furniture products sales incentives, creating a number of furniture companies relying on e-commerce business has grown up Lim Wood, Phil. Lynx Mall, Jingdong Mall e-commerce platform to attract Qu Mei, Nick Love, federal, Disney and many other well-known furniture brands to join.

According to the reporter, the furniture e-commerce are exploring new marketing model, some furniture manufacturers online sales, it is also to create a line of furniture museum experience. These furniture museum experience featured the brand in the online store to sell furniture, the purpose is to allow consumers the scene to experience the quality of the product, or to directly promote the sales line.

Currently, the United States Lele the furniture museum experience throughout the country has reached 88. July 14, located in the South Square of Beijing outside the city within days cat love bee tide Furniture experience Museum officially opened the venues an area of ​​50,000 square meters. In addition, in May, Jimei with Sina online shopping mall furniture to create a joint e-commerce experience hall also settled in Hall 1 Jimei home dahongmen shop, venues, an area of ​​6,000 square meters.

U.S. Lele CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Gao Yang told reporters: "At present, the size of the furniture e-commerce are not little Lele than other furniture manufacturers to carry out e-business time a year and a half before the next step is to to see who can run faster, the rules of the game on the Internet is fast fish eat slow fish, not the big fish eat.

Line of traditional stores and e-commerce experience store

Reporter visited the Beijing the Shilihe bridge building materials city furniture stores, some brand furniture dealers said, the furniture a marked decline in sales this year, mainly associated with the real estate market downturn. "After all the furniture is bulky items, more customers or to see the kind, before deciding whether to buy a certain brand of furniture sellers said.

Furniture e-commerce sales model save rent, labor costs, so the shop sold furniture prices than stores. If you take the price comparison, traditional sales model was not dominant. "One brand furniture sales responsible for The people expressed their own concerns.

Reporter interviewed several customers are shopping for furniture that some middle-aged consumers are not able to accept online shopping furniture, "I think it is more comfortable to the store to buy furniture, the pictures online I worry about distortion aftermarket The service is not necessarily secure. "A customer told reporters.

Lele furniture museum experience in the United States, "80" after the couple in an interview with reporters, said: "I think the online shopping sales experience in the line mode is very good and we usually love the Internet, buy furniture museum experience another aspect of the furniture, on the one hand, can enjoy the online shopping price;, also the scene and feel the texture of the furniture. supporting after-sales service installation and maintenance can keep up, even if the the furniture museum experience more remote location, we are also willing to come look. "

In fact, the the furniture museum experience show furniture is very limited. According to the U.S. Lele online shopping customer service, the beauty the Lele sales of furniture style is innovative and diverse, but due to the constraints of the site area of ​​the furniture museum experience, can only show the individual than the best-selling series of furniture samples.

Dual caught between survival pending market test

Won a good reputation and to obtain the trust of consumers, many furniture manufacturers have to open up the development of electronic commerce line market, so not only can prove the authenticity of the product online, you can also win the market. And also consider how to compress the store's rent costs, and in order to save funds profit to consumers.

Insiders said that the furniture industry in the area of ​​electronic commerce in order to win the market is not easy. Double the cracks in the furniture industry and the field of electronic commerce, the furniture manufacturers must pay great efforts in order to survive.

This reporter has learned, the store, the use of e-commerce platform to sell furniture often will price war. The Lynx Mall, Jingdong Mall e-commerce platform furniture sales situation is not optimistic, in addition to a small number of best-selling products, few sales of most products and better sales discount products. U.S. Lele commerce site to play the game 2.8 discount package logistics, Advertising Gifts, win more customers.

Industry insiders say, simply in order to expand sales and lower prices or reduce profit performance is an immature, e-commerce must seek their own sales model, to expand its influence. Insiders also said that e-commerce will be an inevitable trend of furniture products marketing model development, furniture manufacturers, furniture industry into the era of e-commerce, not the road of electronic commerce issues do not go away, but how to apply e-commerce, to ensure that its profit growth, while the long-term development.

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