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Golden nine silver ten will be near the end of home stores last-ditch crazy promotions
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Every year, this year, the market slump is one reason, but the recent "golden nine silver ten" is nearing completion activities mustering their last strength to struggling to fight back. Reporters learned from the home market, relative to previous years, this year, all kinds of promotional discounts are particularly large, which particularly in the home store action, various promotions after another, the discount rate and scale of activities.

Direct impact on the property market regulation, for the home market as a whole this year, the economy is not. Adversity, test ability, especially front-line enterprise marketing level. It was in this environment, the pattern of Kunming home market is showing new changes: stores become the main distribution channel, in this process, the home stores launched various marketing activities undoubtedly set a "contribution". National Day Golden Week, Kunming, the supermarkets each style all their own the frequent degree and intensity of its activities, is quite rare in recent years. Settled Meikailong, like catfish one to break into the market, and activate the market, it also raised a new round of "activities" war. In this battle, the profit is not only the consumer, there are various businesses. Reporter learned that, to victory, one hundred episodes of Dragon, Red Star people of all ages, represented by various stores, appreciable gains during this period.

"Golden nine silver ten" has historically been a battleground of the period, especially in the environment of the market downturn has become more important at this stage. Sending cars to buy, one hundred yuan spike ... these activities in the National Day Golden Week this year is to attract enough eyeballs started to seize the "golden nine silver ten" Highland first shot. Recently, reporters found a few stores in Kunming, although the Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Day has passed, but a variety of discount promotions did not end preferential efforts still some businesses.

When the the activities encountered market peak season, affordable consumer, is also a test of the enterprise. To some extent, the size of the scale of activity reflects the strength of an enterprise, event a success or a test of the level of corporate marketing team. There is no doubt that the "fight activity" On many occasions, the fight is actually strength. Because only those who are the strength of enterprises, in order to have more energy and financial resources to operate the entire flow of activities, and take the path of "puerile".

For enterprises bent to go this route, the greatest fear is that their own activities with others. Activities homogenization, not only can not get the desired results, it is a waste of corporate resources. From Golden Week store performance, activities homogenization problem exists, but basically different characteristics, this description of the internal marketing system in various stores in Kunming and bodies ripe or mature. The reporter Bai Yijun reported Wangman Jun photography

During the National Day, the active home market, household brands and stores have a style all their own, to play the active license to seize the National Day this node. For a time, the activities of flying. Home market this year, apply Feng Xiaogang (microblogging) movie saying: if you are only a discount, you are embarrassed to be alone on the market.

Activities has always been one of the means of business marketing, this is a win-win choice. Businesses can promote sales, consumers can also drop a cheap. However, when the activities of flying time, many businesses might be in order to do activities to do activities in the meantime, it is inevitable that there will be "hanging posing".

The activity is one of the way of business promotion, is also the opportunity to establish a brand and corporate image. Well, you can tree brand, and consumers really gained nothing loss to rice ", so do the activities to be real. , Kunming, some businesses already recognize this, got in the lottery when notaries notary, then clearly the price discount, which are regarded as a good way to win the trust, worthy of promotion, it is worth learning.

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