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UAV accessories
Mechanical and automation precision parts
3D printer accessories
Tooling fixture
Magnetic rotating car bracket
CNC Machining center
CNC lathe processing
Precision metal parts/plastic pieces design and production
Screw nut/spring and other precision standards and non-standard pieces
Ipad/iphone/Samsung electronic ancillary products
Aluminum alloy/bathroom products
Stamping and sheet metal pieces
Lights LED series
    Shenzhen Ren Hui Industrial Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, it is located in Bao’an District of Shenzhen Shiyan Street Hengkeng Industrial Zone No. 193, owns 2500 square meters of factory buildings and a number of high-quality management, technology, Production staff.
The company has design and development departments. CNC machining centers,

CNC lathes, stamping,screw machine And plastic products, and other production equipment. Structural design, mold design, functional assessment, production and other products can be completed independently from principle to. Long-term cooperation with the United States CWI, GB, LOS other renowned international companies, many years to establish mutual trust and mutually beneficial
relationship. Continue to meet and exceed customer requirements, integrity promises to customers. With research and development and mass production capacity of high-quality products.
     Our main business is to provide our industrial and commercial enterprises to provide production of raw materials, spare parts and various types of products in circulation supplies. Specializing in the production of precision CNC parts, equipment, fixtures, screws, stamping parts, car parts and other metal products, while the design and development of plastic, metal mold and mass production.
     Companies adhering to the concept of super factory, master industrial production principles of design, technology, equipment, processes and cost control.
For consumers and manufacturers to provide one-stop support, to establish a unique style in the supply chain.
     Ren Hui Since its inception, all employees uphold the "quality of cargo security, keeping promises, excellent service"
For the management principles, established a number of wind and rain and common partners, but also develop an understanding of management, precision technology,
    Strict quality control, hard-working team of employees. "Quality first, continuous progress," the management of faith, has passed UL, iso9000 certification, and to continue to fulfill its commitment to customers, to meet and exceed Factory Address II: Bao’an District, Shenzhen rock stone street Hengkeng 193 Industrial Road.

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