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Small apartment furniture monopolize the market aotou to meet the bright security room era
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The face of affordable housing is about to usher in the tide, and re-decoration of the tide, the industry expert said, "The 2011 market demand will change, building materials should focus on affordable housing, and re-decoration crowd, launched a series of promotional activities, services, management, innovation efforts, and promote the prosperity of the domestic market. "part of the furniture industry entrepreneurs and industry experts said in an interview with the media, China's ongoing construction of affordable housing with the furniture industry will to the tremendous business opportunities, promote industry standardization, large-scale development.

The former secretary general of the China Furniture Association, Cao win Chao said China within five years to build 36 million units of affordable housing, according to each 10,000 yuan to buy furniture, will be able to generate a market of 360 billion yuan. This is a conservative figure, a lot of families staying at the security room in the furniture expenditures may be between 2-30000 yuan.

Era of security room small apartment furniture acclaimed

For the construction of 10 million units of affordable housing in 2011, five years will be built 36 million units of affordable housing indicators, the majority of furniture that is a good thing. In addition to around the sofa, the above-mentioned rich Win ideal space, Peugeot, furniture, Hu Yaobang, Jinfu Ya, Huawei, Gemma, including furniture enterprises have launched or plan to launch furniture for affordable housing, affordable housing.

The next 2-5 years, commercial housing, Anju, affordable housing, low-rent housing units will be continued selling. Therefore, Gemma furniture to build much like IKEA, but I hope that the cost-effective durable than IKEA furniture plate. Henglida brand of Hu Yaobang furniture launched, is totally against affordable housing design, product, pricing and style, to do for affordable housing.

In addition, part of the enterprise Prior to the main brand of the high-end market, but also in Guangdong show launched furniture for affordable housing. Fu Wan ideal space in Dongguan Famous Furniture Fair on the main push is "custom furniture" - as large as 200,300 square meters of the villa, small apartment of 40 square meters, have the right product. Fu Wan ideal space, general manager Li Ke said: "This year, we launched custom furniture for different units, this coincides with the protection of housing and affordable housing." According to him, Prior of Fu Wan ideal space furniture meet the 70%, 80% customization needs, custom furniture this year to 100% to customer needs. Similarly, Posh Furniture the latest La Feili Scotia series go the compact route to overturn the traditional European and American antique furniture image.

Security room to enter the market of middle and low furniture selling

The second batch of affordable housing in Shenzhen approval work is coming to an end. It is reported that, before the end of October this year, Shenzhen will start the construction of 73,000 units of affordable housing, and new arrangements for the year to build 62,000 units of affordable housing, the completion of 10,000 units. Affordable housing a large number of the market, undoubtedly good news for the downstream of furniture and building materials industry in terms of real estate, Southern reporter learned that the home stores in Shenzhen will be none other means through discount, buy gifts, special to cater to this part of the owners home home demand .

Investment in affordable housing will sales of furniture and building materials have a positive role. "Responsible spawned Chapter Bo-resistant home Square complex said some time ago by the property market regulation many buyers demand Chibidaigou, delays no shot, brought great pressure downstream of furniture and building materials industry to the real estate, the general downturn in the market. Affordable housing flat delivery Check, will give a strong boost consumption of household products.

The hippocampus Southern Region Marketing Manager Yan Jinhong revealed the Welfare Housing mangrove oasis located in the Futian Free Trade Zone by the end of last year occupation, residential property owners signed a total of over 300 Kinhom Expo Center store off single, substantial sales. This year, there are 10,000 sets of security room submitted previously depressed state, actuation consumer rosy all the way, and is expected to sweep away the furniture market.

In the media in the interview process, the majority of stores are optimistic about the protection of the housing market, of course, there are some positioning high-end stores that "the impact is not great. The said the Huameiju marketing manager Wen Zhangui domestic, international brands, security room owners who do not have enough spending power.

Affordable housing market non-mainstream Do not blindly follow the forest for the trees

Whether the furniture industry began to enter the era of affordable? The pioneer furniture vice president, Mr. Su Xianhua that the furniture companies began to pay attention to the affordable housing market, for which a market design and production of furniture products, in order to meet the market demand, adapt to the market change, but affordable housing is not the focus of the furniture industry, after all, the commodity is the main market. Protect the housing market non-mainstream, the furniture enterprises should prioritize.

Industry sources say that the protection of housing market attractive, but not every furniture companies are suitable to go this route. Protect the housing market, consumer groups and market mainstream consumer groups or different, if the forest for the trees, distinguish between primary and secondary, may be counterproductive. Example, if the original position higher-end furniture products rush to enter the affordable housing market, the brand may be damaged.

Second, protection of housing construction, after all, there is a periodic problem, how the furniture business war leading this market was pondering. The purchase of the main security room young consumers, the furniture enterprise-depth analysis of the characteristics of this group, and production really fit their furniture. 80, 90 is the new generation has grown up under the influence of the Internet, online shopping affordable products they like to enjoy efficient service, furniture enterprises have gradually established e-commerce channels is particularly necessary.

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