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Furniture industry, green marketing: marketing gimmick or system works?
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Green marketing has become the choice of more and more enterprises, but awkward, consumers do not seem to buy it.

In recent years, both government regulations or public opinion on the business requirements in terms of environmental protection are increasingly high, which spawned the development of green marketing, various green certification, green awards and corporate green welfare activities in full swing. But these are difficult to exchange for the recognition of consumers, green certification and green awards lack credibility, authority plagued by doubts, green charity accused of putting on a show. Stay on the surface, often as a marketing gimmick - this is probably the status quo of corporate green marketing, these increased consumers' worries.

Green marketing should be how to do? - 2012 the furniture industry waterborne Forum held in Shenzhen on July 13, "green marketing boost furniture industry upgrade, I was invited to give a keynote address entitled" Green Marketing of Chinese furniture enterprises Path speech given the author's answer - green marketing should be a systems engineering.

The author of this system, known as the "green marketing pyramid. Specifically, according to the importance and priority of green marketing should include four aspects: green products, green manufacturing, green supply chain and green brand; Based on this, the companies should also develop green marketing strategic program of action for the enterprise. Specifically, green products, product quality standards, safe and harmless to the environment and people, raw materials to minimize dependence on natural resources, conserving materials through design and craft, and extended product life cycle; Green manufacturing is the production and manufacturing environment, reduce environmental pollution, reduce energy consumption; Green Supply Chain mainly refers to the enterprise should choose environment-qualified suppliers, to shorten the supply chain, and reduce energy consumption in the supply chain; Green brand is an enterprise on the basis of the previous shape the brand's green image through marketing activities.

In this system, the green products is the core, once the problems, all the efforts were in vain; green manufacturing and green supply chain is the indispensable element of green marketing; the green brand consumers ultimately perceived image, so companies doing on the basis of the three aspects of good green products, green manufacturing and green supply chain, and then strengthened through active communication and dissemination of shaping successful green brands. In short, not only to do, but also said.

With the increasing requirements of environmental protection concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and the people of their own living environment, green will no longer is "icing on the cake, but all the companies and brands must have attributes. For businesses, the green marketing should not be just a marketing gimmick, but rather a strategic choice, should push forward as systems engineering.

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