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The property market turnover followed by warming gradually rebound in home market sales rose
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After a long winter of regulation, since March this year, China's property market turnover experienced four months of rising property market pick up has become an indisputable fact. Especially in just the past six months, the national first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen property market turnover hit a year high, "scorching sun" to describe the property market in June, and that is no exaggeration. Downstream industries as real estate, to pick up the property market, the home market to usher in the long-awaited "Summer in the summer.

Steady growth of sales climbed in home market

The rapid increases in the property market turnover, injected new vitality to the home market of the long-silent. As early as the Dragon Boat Festival, there statistics show Meikailong in National mall Dano promotional, passenger reach 514,400 passengers, compared to the same period last year to 31.3 million passengers, an increase of 64.6%, sales up 98.2% for the traditional June to August, home good off-season. Chengdu Furniture Fair -6 July 3, four days of on-site volume as high turnover reached 8.67 billion.

Recently, reporters from major furniture market in Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin and other cities, statistics show that, in this the season into the home sales off-season, the home market sales of the various cities are showing a rising trend, for a time, so confidence of the major domestic manufacturers for this year's off-season sales. Consumers rational consumption of high quality and low price for the preferred

Compared to in certain parts of the property market opening was berserk an empty condition, when consumers choose household products, is much more calm, many consumers are after repeatedly after comparison, before making a buying decision 's.

Who had just purchased the furniture to the furniture store Meikailong Huahe Liu told reporters: "In order to give a new home to buy furniture, really is to take a lot of the way, visiting the many shops, finally listen to the recommendations of the parents mortar Huahe home, and later found Huahe launch of the new furniture is more cost-effective, good quality, and the price have a lot of promotional activities. "

Huahe furniture store is responsible for sales staff also said, diverted because of the high prices to a certain extent the the consumer distribution ratio of consumer household products, consumers are more cautious in the choice of household products. In such cases, Huahe furniture, especially introduced several the mooring elegant home series of special new furniture quality, design standards, the maximum degree of preferential prices. That several furniture since launched last month, is indeed welcomed by many consumers, and sales in the furniture market as a whole, the top row.

The overall performance of the market, household products are out of the haze of market regulation for the business, how to retain increasingly rational consumers, the need to work hard in the competitiveness of their products, to really provide to the consumer by lower prices and better quality products, consumers will buy it.

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