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Home market away by the London Olympics "Dongfeng" marketing activities continue
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The quadrennial Olympic Games in London, started the past men's is not the only athletes home market also started ahead of warm-up, ready to borrow Olympic "Dongfeng" to new heights. Home industry and sports, seemingly not take the world two industry exactly what sparks clashes? Recently, this reporter visited the major home stores and related experts.

Home store test the water Olympic marketing

Brand home remarkable style all their own

The primary form of home industry implementation of the "Olympic marketing is carried out to London to see the Olympics" sweepstakes. The Easyhome early Qingming small holiday promotional period has been rolling out "buy furniture sent to London Family Fun" activities. "51" during the 13th anniversary celebrations of the TATA wooden doors (decoration renderings) "I 'door' thank you" anniversary celebration sweepstakes, also take a sweepstakes to win the London Olympic swim. In addition, the Wrigley Company launched the "bright arrow applaud the men's basketball team sweepstakes, lucky consumers Wrigley will send them to go to London to watch the Olympic events, cheer for the men's basketball team.


June, several brand home also introduced different forms of "Olympic marketing: Gu household products officially arrived in the State Sports General Administration Training Council, officially sofa (decoration renderings), soft bed (decoration renderings) in the State Sports General Administration Training Council, the athletes' apartments, Athletic Training Hall and Training Council the physiotherapy rehabilitation agencies dedicated products, and cheering for the athletes preparing for the London Olympics. Brand of Hollywood wardrobe off (decoration renderings) held the launching ceremony of the "Olympic Morning News". "The Olympic Morning News" program, making the National People's understanding of Olympic information in a timely and comprehensive manner. Full the Friends of household contract to the National Water Sports Centre, the booster London Olympics. In addition, the Friends of furniture Chengdu Co., Ltd. formally signed the National Water Sports Centre.

Learned leveraging sports marketing

Olympic marketing in the end what effect? ​​Influence brand has what? Response, the home improvement industry, the first to open the sports marketing strategy of the industry's peak Decoration Group, deputy director of operations management Ji Shifeng Xiaobian interview, he said: home building materials enterprises in the implementation of the Olympic marketing, there is a certain role for the promotion of the brand influence, because the sport represents vitality, health, and positive. However, in doing sports marketing, brand characteristics must coincide, the peak in terms of employment, sponsored by the China Open tennis tournament last year, also taking into account the tennis consumer groups coincide whom brand consumer groups, such in order to achieve better marketing results.

Some stores "cold treatment"

The Xiaobian visited some home stores, some stores do not carry out special promotional activities during the "Olympic", for example: Blue King Lai hundred international home, Meikailong,. The 100 International Home Brand Center Director Fu Nanzhi: 'Olympics' sponsorship relatively 'in the air' and not 'landing', the investment does not directly reflect the performance. "Hundred more pursuit can directly stimulate consumption and improve performance "landing" type of promotional activities, such as: individual products, specials, samples 70% spike activity, auction, buy gifts activities to more consumers direct discounts and incentives.

Expert: stores do more exercise is a good thing

Nanjing Marketing Association home market branch of the Secretary-General Liu Chen said: "Olympic marketing is just a promotional tool, a consumer feedback acts, and other promotional way is not much difference." For the first half of this year, home stores blasting and businesses a variety of promotional activities, such as marketing, president of signings, the Secretary-General Liu Chen said in favor of the home stores and vigorously carry out various marketing activities to actively start the market, driving consumer stores and regional economy in terms of a good thing In addition, the Secretary-General Liu Chen also stressed that more exercise is a good thing, but it must be standardized. "

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